Tom Florio

Tom Florio is the founder and CEO of ENTtech Media Group LLC, a media-tech firm dedicated to providing a common platform for entertainment, media, and technology to work under a cohesive mutually beneficial umbrella. Soon after the launch of the firm, in November 2017, ENTtech acquired PAPER Magazine.

Florio brings a wealth of experience to his leadership roles at ENTtech. This comes primarily from his three decades in media.  When he was publishing director at Condé Nast for example, he monitored an array of publications such as Vogue Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, GQ,  and Teen Vogue.

Another executive role he held was Theodore J Forstmann’s senior advisor on Fashion and thereafter, CEO of Advanstar Fashion Group, where he was in charge of developing trade shows, the launch of ‘The Tents’, and bolstering the firm’s MAGIC brand.

Florio’s acclaim was particularly notable in 2013 when Business of Fashion (BoF500) ranked him one of the 500 Most Important People in Fashion and appointed him to its Board of Directors.

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